Us, A Mini-Review

6:41 PM

Minor spoilers!

By film editor, Ajay Ascano

Getting right into it, Jordan Peele has once again made a masterpiece of a movie. Lightning strikes twice for him-- the second hit in his filmography list. This is something that many directors yearn for. Boasting one of the biggest original openings since Avatar, I’d say it’s definitely well-deserved.

The movie sports a strong primary cast: Adelaide and Gabe Wilson, played by Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke (both deuteragonists in last year’s Black Panther), along with Shahadi Joseph and Evan Alex playing their children, Zora and Jason, respectively. If you didn’t already know from the trailers, the film heavily focuses on the family literally facing themselves. However, this duality isn’t only tied to the family, but the many metaphors throughout the film. Mirrored images, shadows, and replayed shots convey the message.

Many of the shot compositions of the film hide very intended story details as well. This boosts the film's rewatchability-- something that a lot of films seem to lack these days. Having seen it twice, I definitely recommend you do, too, so you can see things you may have missed. 

I may make a list spotting some of those later.

The originality and lack of “horror tropes” are what make this film great, as well. Oh, and the soundtrack was pretty neat.

Even though we’re finishing up the first quarter of 2019, I feel like this may take the spot of movie of the year for me. To reiterate all of this, I believe that this film is very solid and well-paced, even more so than Get Out.

In addition, Mr. Peele is one of the executive producers of the new “The Twilight Zone” series on CBS, so I can’t wait for that. 

…So, go out and support Mr. Peele so he can make more of these!!!

Thanks for reading,

Ajay/Film Editor

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