How to Get Into College

12:13 PM

Click-bait warning: if you’re a rising senior looking to craft the perfect app, this won’t give you the answers that you’re looking for.

By academics editor, Diana Meza


Hands Off Venezuela

9:45 AM

Venezuela: its image conjures up without scenes of oil, crackdowns on dissent and international forces battling over its fate. 

By politics editor, Teotl Veliz


When I Get Home Review

11:10 AM

Image result for when i get home solange
As I begin to write this article, it has only been seventeen minutes since Solange’s album When I Get Home dropped. 

By politics editor, Cameron Price


Practical Effects vs. CGI and Video FX

5:32 PM

A struggle I have with watching a lot of films is having to cope with the fact that Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) still doesn’t look that good to me. 

By film editor, Ajay Ascano