Musical Scenes in Non-Musicals

6:25 PM

Minor spoilers for The Lego Movie series, Shrek 2, Back to the Future, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and The Mask

By film editor, Ajay Ascano


Into the New World

9:14 PM

Way back in early January, editor-in-chief Stephanie put together a New Year’s playlist to start 2019 with a very specific state-of-mind...

By guest writer, Anne Tsai 


Essential Political Songs

8:44 PM

Since its creation, music has been a vessel for activists to spread their message. It is tradition for artists to sing about what affects them and those around them. It can be used as a tool to lift up the oppressed and fight for the rights of marginalized people, as well as give encouragement to those getting their hands dirty. 

By politics editor, Cameron Price