The Art of Editing Photos No.1

1:24 PM

Left, unedited; right, edited 

Model: Martin Perez

By photography editor, Bi Ndiforchu

When editing photos, I ask myself how I can make the photo look natural/clean, how I can emphasize the feelings of the subject, and how I can use the background to my advantage.

In the photos above, I captured a subject loosely holding on to a rail, looking down as if he is questioning whether or not to let go. 

The first noticeable detail is that the edited photo is in black and white. Making images b&w emphasizes the feelings of the subject and can make an image look cleaner. Another noticeable detail is the different background textures. The combination of the various backgrounds-- the horizontal rails, the subject's shadow, the blank wall, and the wall of holes-- adds depth to the photo. 

Editing Specs

Application: VSCO

Various photo editing applications offer the same tools; you just have to find one that suits you!

Filter: 03 / Legacy +12.0

This black and white filter suited the image perfectly compared to other filters. It didn't make the image too white and it made the shadowing more defined.

Exposure: -0.3

Decreasing the exposure made the parts of the image that were already black a bit darker

Contrast: +1.0

Increasing the contrast got rid of any fogginess 

Adjusted: Crop, Straighten, X-Skew, Y-Skew

Adjusting the photo brought the subject closer, and straightened the background so that the lines in the image are thorough.

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