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I asked a few polaroid owners what polaroids mean to them. Here are their responses:

By photography editor, Bi Ndiforchu

“Polaroids are taken using one lens, meaning one perspective and because of their size and how you would normally only concentrate on a specific detail, as the photographer, you get to see the importance in what you capture.” 

Esperanza Q.B. 

“A Polaroid is a snapshot of a memory that only those who were present would understand. You can sort of describe them as inside jokes which makes them more personal.” 

Marlenne G. 

“Being one of the first forms of photography, it amazes me how Polaroids are still being used today. The fact that everything around us is evolving, but we are still able to use Polaroids which was used by our grandparents/great-grandparents is incredible.”

Laura O.

“Having a Polaroid brings so much nostalgia to me! In a world where technology is constantly developing, I love the feeling of snapping pictures of my family and friends and seeing them develop right before my eyes, just like people did before. To me, Polaroids bring more sentiment to the memories that I chose to capture in my life.”

Mary B.

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