Do I Recommend "A Quiet Place"?

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In this article, I will try not spoil anything other than basic main plot points- however, there are still some spoilers for "A Quiet Place."

By film editor, Ajay Ascano

Behind The Scenes

John Krasinski, famous for his role as Jim in The Office, directed a horror film that released this year titled “A Quiet Place.” If you haven’t seen it, I completely recommend it. 

“A Quiet Place,” takes place in a post-apocalyptic America where blind aliens prey on beings that makes sound. John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt play the main protagonists: two parents living with their children, played by Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds.

An interesting tidbit about actress Millicent Simmonds’ role is that she played a deaf character, while also being been deaf since birth herself.

What’s there to recommend?

The main draw of this film, in my opinion, is the fact that one of the main antagonists is sound itself. It was such an interesting aspect, the film’s dialogue being almost all in sign-language. The sign-language was not even just for the sake of avoiding the aliens, but also to communicate with a deaf character played by a deaf actress. 

Overall, the film destroys the trope of relying solely on loud sounds to cause the terror, but rather the lack of sound. Having watched it multiple times, I also noticed a lot more subtle story details revolving around the backstory to the alien takeover, which adds a lot of cool replay factor.

As a critic, I also have to talk about some negatives within the movie, but for this film, I only had one: there are some really loud and high-pitched sounds throughout. These sounds play for long periods of time, during multiple action scenes within the movie. If you have headphones when you watch the movie, be wary of this since it might actually hurt your ears. 

My Rating!

In film review articles, I also want to try giving each movie some sort of tags that relate to the overall feel of that piece media.

For A Quiet Place, I’d say that it earns “Creativity,” for having a unique story and antagonist set, “Norm-Breaking,” for having little-to-no jump scares in a modern horror film, and “Excellent Acting” for having great overall acting from John, Emily, and the child actors, with having the emotion feeling genuine-- even when only expressed through sign and body language.

For his first breakout hit, Krasinski definitely delivered. That being said, I’d give this movie a solid recommend.

Thanks for reading,

Keep on watching!

Ajay Ascano

P.S. Just a day before writing this (10/20), Mr. Krasinski confirmed that he will be writing the sequel that is slated for release in 2020. Hopefully, it’ll be just as good.

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