Blues: A Playlist

6:34 PM

By editor in chief, Stephanie Castaneda

The end of summer, the beginning of a new year. For myself, this means senior year. As I enter the tenth week (or so) of one of the most anxiety-riddled eras of my young life, I find that my body has not had the opportunity to re-calibrate itself. With various classes, extracurricular activities, testing, and college applications, the body seems to have taken the backseat. These days, it is mostly sitting for hours on end doing work, sitting into the evening, then heading straight to bed. Reflection is a daily luxury first semester seniors can barely afford--the brain is scarcely used for anything other than academic work. This is very unfortunate. Leaving teen-hood, and entering the rest of your life is a transition that possibly requires the most reflection, the most re-calibration. Catharsis, for many during this time, is only reserved for some mental breakdown in the middle of the night. (I've had my fair share.) Here is a playlist that sort of encapsulates that. It also sounds like fall, a bit. 

Some (key word, some) comentary: 
  • Susie May- beabadoobee: This song reminds me of middle school! Or being younger, in general. I feel a lot of tenderness towards my younger, more naive, self, and all the tribulations she's been through. I really like Bea's demure voice. 
  • Try Again- d.ear, JAEHYUN: This song is best heard when lying on your bed, approaching sleep. It is very comforting and tender. 
  • Where's My Love- SYML: Listening to this for the first time was an experience. I look forward to you all feeling the same way. SYML's voice is haunting. 
  • Lights Out- EXO: This song reminds me of a very specific, personal scenario: Outside on a cool night, by myself, on Christmas Eve, observing the rows and rows of houses sprinkled with colorful lights. Chilling, and beautiful. 
  • Stay- EXO
  • Smother- Daughter
  • lovely (with Khalid)- Billie Eilish, Khalid
  • Another Love- Tom Odell
  • Mystery of Love- Sufjan Stevens: Another lying-on-your-bed kind of song. This sort of feels like an end-of-summer, fresher sleep, though. A gentle wind may play in well with the harp in this song. 
  • Video Games- Lana Del Rey: Classic! No words needed.
  • BITE- Troye Sivan
  • Big Jet Plane- Angus & Julia Stone
  • Fade Into You- Mazzy Star: Another indisputable classic!
  • Mariners Apartment Complex- Lana Del Rey: This is one of Lana's newest songs, and I really like the earthier vibe of this. It is a great departure from he grandeur of her earllier stuff. This song is incredibly bittersweet, but almost uplifting. 
  • Shallow- Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper: Gaga's vocalization! Iconic.

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