Surviving School: Procrastination

5:42 PM

School’s especially spooky at this time of year: midterms, extracurriculars, college apps, etc. Staying on top of things is much easier said than done, so here are some quick tips on how to combat that mid-semester procrastination crisis. 

By academic editor, Diana Meza


Do I Recommend "A Quiet Place"?

8:33 PM

In this article, I will try not spoil anything other than basic main plot points- however, there are still some spoilers for "A Quiet Place."

By film editor, Ajay Ascano


Campus Insider: Williams College

5:21 PM

By Diana Meza, academics editor

Hi everyone!

As all you seniors know, college application season is well underway, so here’s the first Campus Insider: Williams College edition.


'90s: DIVA Edition

8:03 PM

By music editor, X

We’ve all heard of the decade, but not all of us have lived through it. Here’s a playlist to help you reminisce about the 90s and the pop vocal performances by female icons.