Meet Diana

7:37 PM

Meet our academic editor, Diana Meza, and anticipate her future content! To all you upperclassmen: her advice is sure to come in handy as college application season approaches.

Hi everyone!

I’m Diana, your academics editor! A little about myself: I’m 17 years old and a proud Chicana who loves LA. Math and science have always fascinated me, but I’m also interested in architecture, philosophy, political science, art, and social justice, and have mad love for music-- so I’m really just trying to navigate through everything just as you all are. School has always been a significant aspect of my life, and recently I’ve really begun to appreciate the value and opportunities that come with education, so I’m super excited to continue gaining insight on myself and the world through college. However, I know that there are so many questions in regards to high school, college, and education in general, and I hope to answer a few! Here’s a little rundown on some different topics that I’ll cover throughout the next few months:

The Big Questions: This title is pretty straight-forward. These articles will answer questions such as: What is college and is it right for me? What are the different types of schools? Why should we pursue higher education? What is the value of knowledge?

Campus Insider: Here I’ll give you the inside scoop on different colleges. I’ll include both my experience visiting and those of students who actually attend the schools. Hopefully this will help you guys decide which type of school is right for you.

Applying: SAT tips, essay help, financial aid applications, EVERYTHING.

Surviving School: These will be little tips on how to have the greatest educational experience ever, from balancing extracurriculars to learning how to study efficiently to taking care of your mental health.

Summer @: Everything you need to know about summer programs and internships (:

Who, What, Where: Here I’ll give you guys some insider hacks and let you know about cool programs or events happening around LA.

My take: If you ever want to learn a little more about me and my own experience through school and life, this is it!

These categories are a little glimpse of what’s coming up, but please let me know if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to hear about!

See ya later!  


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