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9:11 PM

Join the team? Yes, we want YOU! YouthCake is seeking editors in various art and social justice-oriented fields around the South Bay. Duties, positions, and more are all included below! Tune in!
With YouthCake's newest goals outlined, it is due time to recruit young talent to help make it possible. If you are interested in the arts, journalism, or anything of the like, we want you! If you agree with any of our goals, and want an opportunity to be a part of them, we want you! If you do not have a lot of experience in the arts or social justice, we want you! If you love fashion or photography and are freaking out because you have nothing to show for it on your college applications...we want you! The only requirement: be of high school age, and live in the South Bay. No GPA or resume or essay. Passion and dedication are our top priorities. 


  • Art Editor: Includes paintings, collages, drawings, sculptures, or anything not included in the other topics. Publish own work and seek local talent to publish. Highlight local exhibitions, etc.
  • Local Editor: Interview notable people around the community, report on local events, etc.


  • Publish at least two articles a month, your own work or a submission, on your given position's topic
  • Sort through submissions and choose which ones to publish
  • Attend all board meetings, usually once a month
  • During meetings, engage in productive discussions on social justice, art, and more

Interested? Fill out this form to apply. Good luck! 

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