K-Pop Playlist: Sad Edition

4:20 PM

Stephanie Castaneda- Perez. Head of YouthCake. Undeniably obsessed K-Pop fan. Undeniably, and without shame. Lo and behold, I present to you an updated playlist on songs that have been circulating in my K-Pop orbit- sad song edition. Prepare for EXO infiltration.

Come Back Home (Unplugged)- 2NE1: This version is good, but the live version is better. The crack in their voices while they plea for a loved one to come back home...heartbreaking.

What If- EXO: This one is about the possibilities of a love never pursued. Something about the chords feels so hollow, which encompasses the feeling of the song.

Miracles in December- EXO: If you're into grand, melodramatic, ballads, you're going to love this one. Orchestral instruments, and the Christmas feeling makes the song infinitely sadder.

Sing for You- EXO: This song came out right after 2 members departed the group. The chords are so simple compared to the above winter song, and the message about letting someone go is almost too relevant.

For Life- EXO: Alright, so Christmastime EXO is the best EXO. This one is a little more positive, tenderly declaring loyalty to their loved one. Their winter albums always feature the group's voices nicely, with classic instruments and no auto tune.

Spring Day- BTS: If you're looking for some nostalgia, look no further than BTS. The winter song about missing a friend (can you guys spot a trend?) really resonates with me, and seeing BTS do a ballad instead of epic electronica beats is nice.

Run- BTS: Another song about youth. The music itself is not inherently sad, but the message makes it feel like looking back at a really good party you never went to. Watching the music video for this one is a must.

Butterfly- BTS: This would be perfect to play after graduation. This sounds like something you play while rolling credits (while graduating...rolling credits...do you get the feeling of closure?), and the song is literally about flying somewhere new. High notes, mellow beats...classic pop BTS. The song does sound like a butterfly!

My Answer- EXO: This one! Tender, so tender. The delicate piano and voice, the burst at the bridge! The song affirms the worthiness of their partner, and the tip-toeing sound compliments the feeling of trying to break someone. If you like One Direction's "Little Things", you're going to adore this one!

They Never Know- EXO: The gender neutral pronouns, the chorus speaking of a hostile society not understanding their love, the "love is blind, love is blind" line...in my imagination, this one is about an LGBT+ couple trying so hard to make it. The song itself is a sleek electronica, but tears will still follow. The harmonies at the bridge are heavenly.

Please Don't- K. Will: Think about the indie, mid-2000s guys who sang love songs with ukuleles and wore fedoras. That's what this song sounds like. You MUST watch the music video. That is all. 

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