The Evolution of Tumblr

12:15 PM

Circa 7th grade: an attempt at grunge
Tumblr might be a website, but the word itself has been adopted into an adjective by us kids. Tumblr, adjective, definition: aesthetically pleasing; trendy while hipster; cool. For being on it so long, I have witnessed the weird and awesome, ever-changing criteria of what it means to be "Tumblr". From justgirlythings to health goth, here is a fun little post I've been wanting to do for a while: the evolution of Tumblr, according to me. 

Just Girly Things: "relatable" posts of things girls seem to enjoy (fashion, makeup, boys!), and girls with expensive DSLR cameras taking pictures of mundane objects. Instax minis, penny boards, Arizona tea. Think Bethany Mota in her early years. 

Neo Grunge: Aliens, pizza, and all the flash pictures. Marina and the Diamonds circa "Electra Heart" was a favorite. Here, before the rise of Instagram, we see the re-emergence of chokers. Urban Outfitters was the place to shop.

Health Goth: Sisters with Neo Grunge. Nike and Adidas. Plants. Barren cities like Berlin. A bit sleeker than its sibling. The 1975 and the xx on repeat. American Apparel. Chokers are in its prime. A white tennis skirt is the item to have.

Vaporwave: Internet insanity and social media, with Joanna Kuchta reigning supreme. Think a more pastel Health Goth. Old Microsoft edits with Roman statues are the coolest. American Apparel is still a thing, but it's the pastel glitter jelly sandals that are coveted. 

Art Hoe: No more edgy feelings! They really want to save the bees. Art journals are a must, complete with those really expensive markers. Van Gogh and Monet are probably the only artists you know. Yellow everything! Kanken backpacks and flowers, succulents. Think Amsterdam.

Modern Renaissance:  "No more edgy feelings" grew up. Skincare, skincare, skincare! Natural and glowy. Angel wings, champagne, silk, and roses. Pitcures of models without makeup. Red everything! Golden hour and baths. Books and film. My current Tumblr aesthetic.

The Aughts Era: THE MID-2000s ARE BACK AND COOLER THAN EVER. Juicy Couture suits! Paris Hilton! Flip phones! Track suits and tube tops, memes of pop divas. 

That is only a short summary of what I have witnessed throughout my years on the site. The more I thought, the more sub and sub-sub cultures emerged in my head; sometimes holding only a few things that made it distinct. Grunge Lite is what I picture as the edits of celebrties with flower crowns, very fangirly. Seasonal aesthetics include Summer Boho, and Autumn Librarian. Health Goth Lite is what I picture as the city slickers; New York and coffee shops and the infamous American Apparel bag. There are countless, and I'm excited to see where it's going next!

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