This Is: Emilee

9:03 PM


Middle school boredom blues, surfing the (YouTube) channels, and a friend comparing her voice to that of Ariana Grande incited Emilee Estoya, 16, to start her own YouTube channel back in 2014. Her channel, now with over three thousand subscribers, includes reactions, covers, vlogs, Q&A's, journaling, and more. But, Emilee's vision for the channel doesn't stop there. "My goal for my channel is to spread love and inspire others that are like me to put themselves out there. I also want my music to make people get in touch with their emotions, and really feel. If I get the chance, I would love to make some merch to share with everyone, just because it seems like something you'd do when you've really made it!" 

Emilee is a also very kind person whose positivity shines, as I have witnessed. Whether it be waving hello or paying a compliment, you can always count on her to bring a little love to your day. With a smile always on her face, she definitely holds the spot on many people's hearts as the sweetest girl at Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy. 

Besides YouTubing, she also enjoys writing music, going thrift shopping, playing volleyball, swimming, surfing, and spending time with close friends and family. "One day doing all of those things would probably make me explode!"

See Emilee's latest video!

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