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A discourse on the movement, and a chat with a girltips blog owner, Angel.

Amidst fan, writing, and aesthetic blogs on Tumblr, a new kind has sprung up: "girl tips" blogs. These accounts and their admins spread advice for women on everything from skincare to makeup inspiration to sex. Womanhood, in this realm, is something to be celebrated in all its forms. "Girl tips", or "hoetips" blogs provide safe spaces for women (especially young adults) to form a community that supports and uplift each other. The unofficial title takes back what is otherwise a derogatory term and converts it to something inspirational, powerful, and fun. What also makes these blogs stand out among other feminist conversations is the sexual freedom, advice, and education it promotes in women- something usually shoved under the dust.  My personal experience with "hoe tips" has been of deep impact: not only have I picked up some useful pointers of my own, but I have been extremely inspired and empowered by the amount of sisterhood and openness in these communities. In particular, @hoetipsbyangel , remains one of my favorites in the great (and truly safe, helpful) information she spreads, and her outlook on dealing with situations. Here is a Q&A with it's amazing admin, Angel!

Why did you start this account?

I started this account because I saw lots of "hoetips" blogs and a lot of them were giving out harmful or incorrect information, and I wanted to change that.  I also wanted to give more in depth tips than just "put baking soda on your face" (which you should never do by the way.)

What is your "mission" for the blog? What message, theme, or idea are you consciously trying to spread?
As a feminist, I LOVE women. I would die for women. I am passionate about womanhood and women in general and all I want to do is help women. I want to spread the message to women that they should love themselves and that they deserve the best. Women are always told to sacrifice and not ask for much out of life and I want women to know that they are amazing and that the world is their oyster.

Why do you cater to such a specific audience?
I cater to women and women only because I want to create a safe space for women to share their stories and experiences and ask for advice in a place where there are no men. I personally feel the safest when I'm surrounded by women, and I know a lot of girls feel the same way.

How has being a WOC (Woman of Color) shaped yoir perspective on life/ affected you?
I don't think I really identify as a WOC. I'm black and Mexican, but more black than anything, so I identify as black. I feel WOC is referring to non-white women more than black women in my personal opinion. Black women face a specific type of misogyny called "misogynoir" because our race & gender are "tied together." Black women not only face interracial violence but intraracial violence, as well. However, as a light skinned black woman, my experience was definitely different and not as damaging as black women that are darker than me. I grew up being put on a pedestal for my light skin & I definitely was treated better than darker skinned black women because there is a lot of colorism in the black community. Now that i'm older, I definitely realize my privilege as a light skinned black woman and I'm working on unlearning a lot of colorist beliefs as well as calling out colorism when i see it.

Your blog constantly promotes many beauty, fashion, makeup, eg. otherwise "feminine" tips. What is your opinion on feminity?
I notice a lot of white feminists think that shunning femininity is radical, and for some women it can be, but I don't think that it's a one size fits all type thing. For example, black women are often not allowed to be feminine and are expected to be "strong" and "hard" and, to a lot of black women, femininity is something that's empowering. Different women are empowered by different things, and women should be free to express themselves in whatever way makes them feel best. I personally love femininity because it makes me feel self indulgent, extravagant, and comfortable.

And finally: What is the ULTIMATE tip you can give?
My ultimate tip is to always have a girlfriend you can count on.  It feels good to have another woman you can talk to and relate to. Sisterhood is important.

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