Valentine's Day Playlist

9:55 PM

For your February 14th needs.

An eclectic playlist to suit varying Valentine's Day moods: whether it be femme fatale, nostalgic, brooding, sexy, or dreamy. Enjoy!

  1. Crazy on You- Heart: I insist, the guitar is the best intro of. All. Time. Play when a bit insane.
  2. La Vie en Rose- Louis Armstrong: A classic! Play in the midst of a simple, safe, timeless love.
  3. La temps de l'amour: Francoise Hardy: A bit sassier, playful. Play in the early, tentative stages- flirt!
  4. Voila- Francois Hardy: The ballad is meant to be sung out loud and with theatrics. Play when in a funk.
  5. Pink Matter- Frank Ocean: The music, Frank's voice, the addicting rap bridge- play this when chill. 
  6. Smother- Daughter: Hallowed vocals and far away instruments. Play this when doting on the past.
  7. Paradise- Wild Nothing: The 80's feel incites some nostalgia. Play it while you're still young and adventurous.
  8. Bonnie and Clyde- Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg: Darker, grittier, with a criminal edge. Play this when you're in a mysterious, bad-ass, beautiful power duo.
  9. 505- Arctic Monkeys: Motel rooms and muses. Play when recalling the one you'll never get over.
  10. Falling from Grace- The Gentle Waves: The most dreamy song on here. Play with candles, play when single.
  11. Music To Watch Boys To- Lana del Rey: Flirty. Fresh. Play when scoping out new finds.
  12. Religion- Lana del Rey: A bit obsessive, but gorgeous nonetheless. Play this when head over heels and completely dedicated.
  13. Swan Song- Lana del Rey: A song of regrets. Play when dreaming of the one who got away.
  14. Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine: It's named perfectly- a song to play when your eyes are starry. Play with first loves.
  15. Draw Your Swords- Angus & Julia Stone: Heightening to a dramatic crescendo, ending in a vulnerable state. Play this giving your all.
  16. You're the One That I Want- Angus & Julia Stone: Simple and sweet. Play this to a high school sweetheart.
  17. Woman- the 1975: Delicate and haunting. Play to the person you saw once.
  18. Video Games- Lana del Rey: The bells at the beginning seem to point to something. Play when reminiscing.
  19. Yayo- Lana del Rey: This one is an epic for sure. Play this in the tough times. when the world is against you.
  20. Big Jet Plane- Angus & Julia Stone: A head-in-the-clouds, driving type of song. Play while traveling!
  21. Young And Beautiful- Lana del Rey: Tones of insecurity almost drowned in orchestra. Play when wearing your best outfit. 
  22. Fantasy- the xx: Asking and forgiving. Play when on-and-off.
  23. Because- The Beatles: My favorite song of all time. Play when in love with the world.
  24. Eyes on Fire- Blue Foundation: Warning of something dangerous. Play when intoxicated.
  25. Tessellate- Ellie Goulding: The beat is the sickest. Perfect make-out song.
  26. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)- Nancy Sinatra: A deeper sad. Play when recalling.
  27. Summer Wine- Nancy Sinatra: The coolest song- flirty, suggestive, danceable. Play in the summer.
  28. I Wanna Be Yours- Arctic Monkeys: To someone you will never be able to get. Play when completely enthralled.
  29. fallingforyou- the 1975: For falling in love at night. Play while seeing someone at a club.
  30. I've Just Seen A Face- the Beatles: Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Play when charmed!
  31. All My Loving- the Beatles: Another classic song for a classic relationship. Play when going away!
  32. If I Fell- Evan Rachel Wood: At the edge of something new. Play when afraid.
  33. Pas de deux- Tchaivosky: The most epic and grand of love songs. Play when falling slowly, innocently, sweetly.

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