Edge of Seventeen

6:18 PM

"I think I’m hip and dope
I live my life not caring about much
Doesn’t seem to be that easy for everyone
I love being a teenager"
-Alvaro Reyes, "GGHHRR"

Just don’t do all this teenage stuff and watch others do it I guess
Everyone tripping over school and what not
But homework is so much easier if you actually start it instead of Snapchatting that you have to

And I’m tired of people complaining about pimples
They’re so sick they’re a sign of our youth
I mean come on don’t you get it we’re not here for long
We’re gonna be old wishing we still had pimples to worry about

And stop worrying about relationships
Everybody’s somebody’s everything
You will find him or her
And if you do it’s dope

Also please please please stop trying so hard
Just let people like you for you and not someone you aren’t
Never been a clone
It’s kind of like a slogan I’ve got you know

I mean but I don’t know much
I mean I’m 15
And I lowkey need to stop acting like some teenage God
So I guess we all have someone we want to be and someone we don’t
And some of us don’t know at all
I am a troubled teenager, that’s what I am.

Actually nah that’s super corny.
Through it all I’m telling jokes
So above all else
I’m a bit of a goof, that’s what I am."
Alvaro Reyes

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