Under the Microscope: Flipside With Lana Del Rey

7:00 PM

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Queen of the Tumblr generation or of the romanticized, "Sad Girl" façade? "Under the Microscope" is a look at cultural trends from a social standpoint- the progressive, the harmful, and all the gray area in between.


How I Collage

7:25 PM

A look into my creative process. By Stephanie Castaneda


Ode to Avonlea

7:19 PM

She runs frantically on her wheel,
The axles squeaking and struggling to keep up
With her restless rodent race.


Edge of Seventeen

6:18 PM

"I think I’m hip and dope
I live my life not caring about much
Doesn’t seem to be that easy for everyone
I love being a teenager"
-Alvaro Reyes, "GGHHRR"