5:41 PM

As you all so very well know, I am a bit obsessed with education. But, what some may not know, is that I work at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art, as a part of the Teen Program.  How do the two connect? Tune in for some more mod-podge on my own experiences at MOCA, the importance of language, the institution of education, and the disparity of opportunity between races.


K-Pop Playlist: Sad Edition

4:20 PM

Stephanie Castaneda- Perez. Head of YouthCake. Undeniably obsessed K-Pop fan. Undeniably, and without shame. Lo and behold, I present to you an updated playlist on songs that have been circulating in my K-Pop orbit- sad song edition. Prepare for EXO infiltration.


What I Learned in Debate

10:33 AM

A concept about race and education I came across at debate camp that I thought was interesting...and that I can't take a stance on.


Why "La La Land" Deserves its Awards

11:04 AM

The movie of everyone's 2016 dreams (and mine), the darling of awards season, won the Academy Award for Best Score, Best Director, and Best Cinematography. Find out my theory on why these awards are deservedly given, and why "La La Land"" is a film of the times. 


In the Mood for Love

11:08 AM

A dreamy, romantic moodboard to suit your ray-drenched summer loves. Or not. Swathe around, read books- write them! Buy flowers for yourself, and fall in love. Featuring my own artwork (above, and a mini playlist for your own enjoyment. 


The Evolution of Tumblr

12:15 PM

Circa 7th grade: an attempt at grunge
Tumblr might be a website, but the word itself has been adopted into an adjective by us kids. Tumblr, adjective, definition: aesthetically pleasing; trendy while hipster; cool. For being on it so long, I have witnessed the weird and awesome, ever-changing criteria of what it means to be "Tumblr". From justgirlythings to health goth, here is a fun little post I've been wanting to do for a while: the evolution of Tumblr, according to me. 


Wong Kar Wai

11:24 AM

Liked Moonlight? You might want to hear about one of the film's biggest inspirations, Hong-Kong director Wong Kar Wai. 


An Endeavour in Chemistry Class

8:51 PM

Vantablack, Anish Kapoor, Stuart Semple, paint pigments- a mod-podge of topics brewed up in my very own Chemistry class. Read on, and be enlightened. 


Spanish Songs Playlist

4:14 PM

From Selena to Los Panchos, here are my picks for all time favorite songs in my native language, Spanish. 


Liquid Life: If It's Magic

4:37 PM

I have heard various approaches to life. 
It's something to be seized, they say, a fiery chariot you must hold the reigns onto. Control is totally yours, and fate is an excuse. Make things happen.
But- it's something to be breathed in, they say, an endless rainfall of sliding memory. It drips down your soul with eyes closed. Let things happen.
So, what? Is the world to my conquering, or am I simply floating through liquid life in this cosmic pool?



8:35 PM

A discourse on the movement, and a chat with a girltips blog owner, Angel.


Under the Microscope: Flipside With Lana Del Rey

7:00 PM

See more of my work here
Queen of the Tumblr generation or of the romanticized, "Sad Girl" façade? "Under the Microscope" is a look at cultural trends from a social standpoint- the progressive, the harmful, and all the gray area in between.


How I Collage

7:25 PM

A look into my creative process. By Stephanie Castaneda


Ode to Avonlea

7:19 PM

She runs frantically on her wheel,
The axles squeaking and struggling to keep up
With her restless rodent race.


Edge of Seventeen

6:18 PM

"I think I’m hip and dope
I live my life not caring about much
Doesn’t seem to be that easy for everyone
I love being a teenager"
-Alvaro Reyes, "GGHHRR"


Hollywood and Crime

9:24 PM

Bonnie and Clyde: relationship goals.

Why has a culture of criminal celebrity been so ingrained into American history? A quick gloss-over of Hollywood's role.