Modified Minimalism

12:10 PM

What it means to let go of stuff.

By writing editor, April Owens
I dug through my room the other day and found lots of gems - journal entries from fourth grade, old pictures, drawings, and more. Rather than crying of nostalgia, I was actually inspired by this period of rediscovery. Going through my stuff every now and then reminds me of the person I used to be. I hold on to these things because they remind me of the past. They are anchors that connect me to my memories. However, finding buried under trash and scraps that had been collecting dust for years made the experience less than awe-inspiring.

The reason I was ravaging through my room in the first place is that I’m trying to clear out my space. My room, my house, my space is full of a ridiculous amount of unnecessary items that serve no other apparent purpose than to gather dust and stress me out. I’ve been trying to gather the motivation to declutter for the longest time, but it’s always the last item on my priority list. The busyness of life makes it inconvenient to slow down and reflect on whether this lifestyle really aligns with my values.

The importance society places on having copious amounts of “stuff”, especially in recent decades, has popularized a movement called minimalism. It started as an artistic movement nearly a century ago, but it was eventually transformed into a way of life. There are many varieties of minimalism nowadays, but I think the philosophy behind the movement can be summed up in two words: Letting go. Letting go of the things, people, and thought patterns that are weighing you down.

I don’t see myself ever becoming a true minimalist. There are some things that I’m just not willing to let go of. So, I’ve been trying to adopt a kind of modified minimalist approach to my life. By reducing distractions and identifying the things that aren’t helpful to me anymore, I’m slowly cutting down on the excess stuff in my life. 

Every so often, when I have a spare hour or two, I get the urge to purge my room of this stuff - this lifeless, dust-covered stuff. I got rid of a lot the other day, and my mind felt clearer because of it. I’ll admit, I may be watching too many videos about minimalism on YouTube, but it’s hard to deny that getting rid of excess baggage is just… therapeutic. 

I don’t need trash or scraps. I need my memories. I need myself.

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