Kavanaugh is Everything Wrong With America

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A Brett Kavanaugh protest outside Los Angeles City Hall.MIKE BLAKE / REUTERS
Content warning: mentions of sexual assault.

By Cameron Price, politics editor.

I am enraged right now. Enraged that the boys in my school believe Brett Kavanaugh.

Enraged that many of our nation’s leaders feel the same.

The day the Kavanaugh hearing was held, we watched it live during history class. These boys decided to make jokes about sexual assault and rape, while also saying Dr. Ford was a liar. I was shaking in class. Luckily, I had my best friend - and strongest male ally- there with me. He told them to shut up.

Today, as I type this, they make the same jokes. My friend is sick. I am scared and on the verge of tears. I say silent prayers for their female relatives and future children. I pray this does not happen to them. For they will have no one to turn to.

This weekend, the Senate will decide whether women are important to this country or not. They will decide whether our stories matter enough to make decisions off of. Either way they choose, survivors of sexual assault will be vilified. If he loses, they will blame Dr. Ford for ruining his career. If he wins, they will laugh and tell her that her story does not matter.

When Roy Moore, an alleged pedophile, lost to Doug Jones, I believed things were looking up. It inspired me and survivors everywhere that our stories did matter, that we mattered. With Kavanaugh’s nomination, I am not so sure anymore. Survivors everywhere are being forced to relive moments in their lives that have forever traumatized them.

Most of these people have not received justice, either.

According to RAINN.org, out of 1000 sexual violence perpetrators, 994 will walk free. Judges in the US have historically proven that women’s testimonies do not matter. If Kavanaugh succeeds, it will only open the gateway to even more abusers getting off. If Kavanaugh gets in, it will prove dangerous to so many. Brett Kavanaugh can be essential in the creation of laws. What does having an abuser as a Supreme Court justice say to those of us seeking justice?

When I was assaulted, I truly believed nothing could be done. I believed my story did not matter and the best I could do was just stay away from him. I knew he would never be punished. He was a “good guy,” a Christian, a loving brother to his sisters, and son to his parents. I had always believed that it was not his fault. He just made a mistake when he was drunk. He was a Christian, so how could he mean it?

Kavanaugh’s testimony was oddly reminiscent of this.

It was striking to see how many men thought these things meant he could not be an abuser.

Women, however, were not having it.

Many survivors and allies across the nation have expressed their anger and exhaustion with the attempt at making Kavanaugh a Supreme Court justice. Protests have sprouted in the matter of hours.

At Los Angeles City Hall, on September 28, Women’s March LA and Time’s Up hosted a march surrounding support for survivors and the opposition to Kavanaugh. I was in the middle of my second period class when I caught word of it. As soon as school ended, at 12:10 PM, I was running out of the door and into an Uber. The pain and anger I was feeling gave me enough energy to do so. Although I did arrive when things were dying down, many activists were standing right outside the buildings with their signs held high.

They gave one clear message: we will not be silent anymore.

I had the opportunity of interviewing a twenty-year-old film student and activist, Melissa Hartman.

Why are you out here today?
"I'm here supporting my fellow women and my fellow survivors. I'm here to take a stand against Brett Kavanaugh, against everything he stands for. We cannot allow misogyny and just pure evil into our government anymore. We can't allow corruptness into our government anymore… Donald Trump stands in the highest position in the land right now and he's an abuser himself. It's pathetic and we need to do better."

What effects do you believe Kavanaugh will have on the country if he is confirmed?
"I think it’ll be a clear message to the country that misogyny stands and that we are allowed to belittle our women and remain in antiquated laws. It's just sad and and it can't happen- that cannot happen. All of the progress we have made as women is going to be years and years in the past if we go through with this nomination."
Many women at this protest shared similar sentiments. I did as well. It is time to stop the epidemic that is sexual assault. It’s time to stop letting these abusers into positions of power.

Visit https://www.stopkavanaugh.com/ to learn how you can help stop his confirmation.

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