How Gun Violence Hurts the LGBT Community

7:18 PM

Content Warning: Mentions of Suicide and Hate Crimes
By Cameron Price, politics editor

At 2 AM on June 12, 2016, shots were fired inside of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL. By 5 AM, the gunman and forty-nine others were dead. The Pulse Nightclub shooting is remembered as the second deadliest mass shooting in history. 

When it occurred, the LGBT community was shaken. 

Only two years have passed and many do not realize that the threat of LGBT people being slaughtered by a gun is still very real.

Living as an out and proud LGBT individual means living with a target on your back. According to the FBI’s Hate Crime Statistics Database, LGBT people are the most frequent victims of hate crimes in the US. 19.8% of all hate crimes are motivated by an anti-LGBT bias. Additionally, the NCAVP report states that firearms are used in 47% of all anti-LGBT homicides. Reports of homicides of gay and bisexual men went up 400% last year (Source:

Even today it is a risk to just show up at pride. Many feel as though they could be the next victims by celebrating their existence. In many states, firearms and ammunition are still easily accessible. Anti LGBT bias and discrimination has spiked all across the country since 2017, with no blue state or liberal city in the clear.

The only threat does not only lie in anti-LGBT individuals, but LGBT people themselves. 

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, LGB youth are five times as likely to have attempted suicide as straight youth and 62% of suicides in the US involve a firearm. 40% of trans adults have attempted suicide. (National Center for Transgender Equality). 

While there are many issues involved in suicide, one way to help prevent it is to increase gun control measures. When attempting suicide with a gun, it is difficult to turn back.

States with stricter gun legislation are shown to strongly correlate with a lower suicide rate. 

Gun violence legislation is necessary in protecting LGBT people. 

The midterm elections are on Tuesday, Nov.6. It is imperative to use your vote to make change.

SOUTH BAY Gun Sense Candidates to Look for this Election:

Dianne Feinstein - US Senate

Kevin de Leon - US Senate

Gavin Newsom - CA Governor

Ed Hernandez - CA Lt. Governor

Eleni Kounalakis - CA Lt. Governor

Xavier Becerra - Attorney General

Al Muratsuchi - State Assembly, 66

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