'90s: DIVA Edition

8:03 PM

By music editor, X

We’ve all heard of the decade, but not all of us have lived through it. Here’s a playlist to help you reminisce about the 90s and the pop vocal performances by female icons.

  1. Genie in a Bottle- Christina Aguilera: Originally on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears, Aguilera began her solo career with Genie in a Bottle. I personally love the intro with the piano and percussion, and thought it would serve as a fit start to the list.
  2. Sometimes- Britney Spears: Britney guaranteed her debut album’s success with singles like Baby One More Time and Sometimes. The latter is one of my favorites from her discography, and instantly seems to cheer me up. Shortly after her immediate reaching stardom, she started a trend of bottle blonde pop stars as Christina, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson.
  3. Weak- SWV: After one listen, the chorus was already ingrained in my brain, and there is no doubt you’ll remember it as well.
  4. Un-Break My Heart- Toni Braxton: Relative to other female pop artists, Braxton has a deeper voice and a stronger one. When she does sing on the higher end of her range, Braxton conveys even more emotion
  5. Survivor- Destiny's Child: The group’s harmonies (especially at the bridge) are so satisfying. I also admire the lyrics, which advocate for female empowerment and ability to be independent.
  6. Fantasy- Mariah Carey ft. ODB: Mariah, the Songbird Supreme. Coming out at the dawn of the peak of her career, the remix of Fantasy was definitely one of her biggest risks early on into her career, however, it definitely paid off. With this record, Mariah started the Pop/Hip-Hop collaboration that is still commonly used today.
  7. No Scrubs- TLC: Another song with another catchy hook.
  8. The Boy is Mine- Brandy and Monica: Although their voices are nearly identical, I really enjoy this duet, though it is unfortunate that Brandy and Monica had a fallout after collaborating.
  9. I Have Nothing- Whitney Houston: A powerhouse for the era. The key change and build up at the end is impressive
  10. Dreaming of You- Selena: Released only a few months after her death, the song only continued Selena’s legacy. Dreaming of You was one of Selena’s most successful English songs as well as one of her first. The song itself is emotional, but the fact that she’s gone only makes it sadder.
That’s it! I plan to add more later on, but enjoy this for the meantime.

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