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What happens when cultures collide? Some images, quick discourse, and resources.

The above images are all from 1990s National Geographic magazines. I managed to snatch a handful of them in my art class last semester, and flipping through them proved to be quite inspiring. Not just for the treat of having a time portal of sort in my possession, but also for the insightful, beautiful images shown in the magazine. So, I chose some of my favorite images and paired those I thought had parallel themes! The mood of the set has had me thinking a lot about globalization, especially as the year closes. It is startling how in 100 years, humanity's trajectory has led to the path of connectivity and global dependence. Nearly no country operates without the influence of another, be it in terms of raw materials for production, popular culture, or diet. The past century has seen massive progress in how we communicate on an international level, and the past decade or so (with the rise of the global internet) has changed our view of the outside world forever. Even the term "outside world" seems to have no substance these days-- the implications of living in a bubble are being popped more and more everyday. Though there is still the notion of "foreign", and the perception that we have nothing in common with, say, a nomadic tribe in the Amazons or a Latvian farmer, in reality we do. Technology has done its part to blur the lines, but there was always a common human spirit of togetherness, persistence, beauty, and fun. Maybe I'm speaking from a place of deep inspiration and awe, or maybe I am just extremely excited about BTS (K-Pop group) performing at Dick Clark's New Years' Eve program in Times Square. Either way, if you are interested in globalization, I will attach a link to two videos from Crash Course about it. If you're interested in a more American view of progression, I will also attach a link to this really personal and visually stunning video from BuzzFeed. Enjoy!

Crash Course World History: Globalization
- Part 1
- Part 2

Buzzfeed: Generations Throughout History

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