Ode to Light

6:39 PM

Ode to Light
Stephanie Castaneda

O light!

The memories you have carried
Gossamer glowing strings as those
In Dumbledore’s pensieve
Giving my breath out,
Holding me in place
The longevity we have

How your beauty has made me jealous:
City lights winking in the hills
Of the upper suburbia
Reflecting as unattainable stars

How your dedication takes my breath away:
Stars traveling for years, years of light
To make galaxies in my eyes,
those lunar orbs

How your simplicity makes me smile:
Flashlights under water bottles
For makeshift lightsticks
At impromptu concerts

How your variety surprises me:
The most heavenly burst of prism color,
Brush stroke in the skies,
After a rainy day

How your warmth comforts me:
The sun stream on the bus back home,
A morning blanketed lullaby of relief,
And we’re all fast asleep

How your childlike persistence nags me:
Still finding constellations in my hair
Glitter flecks begging me not to go
In the day, on January 3rd
And how your presence is always by my side:
Flashing lights blinding happy, posed eyes
Your radiant grin telling me to put on mine
Catching moments from thin air

O light!
I love you so,
My loyal friend

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