GALentine's Day

8:25 PM

A message to my best friend. 

By: Stephanie Castaneda

"During confirmation they told us to write a letter to someone you love and I wrote it to you in this fading pen (sorry!). Then they took the letters and ripped them up! And told us if we loved someone, to tell them. So I'm telling you. You've been my best friend for so many years, and I still feel the same way about you. You are the sun that I look forward to each waking day, and every text you send (that saves our group-chat from perishable doom) is a distant star winking- in reassurance. Your happiness is mine, your sadness mine. Your presence filled and will continue to fill the happiest moments of my existence. From meeting you in 3rd grade, to putting on plays in the 5th, to creating inside jokes in the 7th, to our adventures in the 9th- you have been there by my side. Watching our childhood go by and our teen-hood commence. Seeing each other evolve, our personalities change, our styles. When I look back at my youth, I will always think of you. Always. The light that has filled me with laughs, kindness, advice, wisdom, insight. I hope to continue to grow with you. And I hope you look at yourself and realize how amazing and inspiring you are. How much you mean to me and many others. How I wish I could give you all the cosmos and more. 

I love you.
Your sincere best friend,
Stephanie Castaneda"

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