A Chat with Frances Weger

8:38 PM

Shot by Gabrielle Barrera
A quick profile and Q&A with young photographer Frances Weger.

Youthful, nostalgic, genuine- beautiful. All words to describe teenage Frances Weger's photography, all shown on her namesake Instagram: @francesweger. Here's more on herself and her work.

What drove you to pursue photography?
Nothing too special really. A couple of my friends started to get into photography, so I became interested, too. My friend got a little Sony camera from her parents one Christmas and we continued to take photos, but my friends quickly dropped interest. I never lost interest in photography. I absorbed the power it gave me, being able to capture my opinions, feelings for someone or something through my view. I loved being able to capture how a young girl viewed her surroundings.

What major themes would you say are shown in your work?
I do have to admit that my theme for photos never really is the same for each photo. When capturing someone's portrait I often do try to show their personality through my lens. Also, when I’m taking someone's portrait, I want them to feel good about themselves. I want the person to see their strength and power through my eyes. I am also quite the feminist, so you can definitely be able to find evidence in my work. I try to capture women as strong and beautiful as they are, fortunately my life has been built by strong women, so it's not too hard. Another theme I am constantly trying to capture is self love. In a little series “Love Letters to Myself”I tried to demonstrate self love through looking through a mirror and loving everything about the reflection. 

What's your creative process? How does a picture come to life?
My process to gathering inspiration is really just to expose myself to as much art, photography and writing as possible. I also am really inspired by music, so I am listening to it as much as possible- but don’t get me wrong, being alone in a quiet space just being able to think really helps. Here's a little playlist full of songs that I often listen to when brainstorming or shooting: 

For the technical stuff: How do you edit your photos, and what kind of camera do you use?
I use the canon rebel T5 and edit photos with VSCO. I gotta say that the settings sharpen, grain and tint are my best friends. 

What are your plans for the future?
I really don't have much of my future planned out, I don’t like to have everything planned out. I want to take it as it comes. All I know is that I want to do big things, empower other girls and continue to show my female gaze. 

Any advice to other photographers?
If you love photography, never stop creating. Don’t stop experimenting, take photos as much as possible.

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