Essential Political Songs

8:44 PM

Since its creation, music has been a vessel for activists to spread their message. It is tradition for artists to sing about what affects them and those around them. It can be used as a tool to lift up the oppressed and fight for the rights of marginalized people, as well as give encouragement to those getting their hands dirty. 

By politics editor, Cameron Price


South Bay's Dirty Little Secret

6:49 PM

Despite being near Los Angeles, South Bay has become a hub of discomfort for the LGBT folks living here. Rampant homophobia is a problem that is rarely addressed, but it takes place constantly in our schools and work environments, as well as in everyday life. While this district often votes blue, the beliefs of those who live here lack the empathy that Democrats claim to have.

By politics editor, Cameron Price


Summer Programs!

6:38 PM

Editor in Chief, Stephanie Castaneda Perez, with Edward Snowden at the ACLU Summer Advocacy Program
Calling all juniors, sophomores, and freshmen! Summer’s (almost) coming up which means that it’s the perfect time to apply to summer programs! 

By academics editor, Diana Meza


How to Use Nothing for a Plot

10:52 AM

The article for today is going to be more of an essay about my thoughts on the use of down-to-earth and relatable writing using the short film Clapping for the Wrong Reasons.

By Ajay Ascano, film editor